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.:Teh Kitteh:.
I've decided that the science building is absolutely freezing cold.  >>  In the middle of June, I've got perpetual goose bumps.  o_O

In other news, my cultural/diversity/teaching class thing ishness is turning out to be better than I expected, and I rather like the teacher.  She's interesting and intelligent, a good combination, and she seems like she'll be fair.

Friday is entirely too far away, really.  I hope the week goes quickly.  My list of things to do is slowly diminishing; if I can go by Financial Aid and figure out why my loan isn't posting to my account, I'll be happy.  Mostly.

Of course, having my beloved Internets back at home would be nice, too.  ><


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Classes have started up again for me, once more.  May went by far too quickly in this lovely blur.  I'll be glad when mid-July comes around and I'll be free once again, until the fall classes begin.

Must make this quick, as I have class in a few minutes.  (Textbooks were far more expensive than I had planned, mostly owing to the unavailability of used editions.)

In other news, after spending almost three weeks almost exclusively away from my apartment, my kitties were uber-loving and affectionate when I returned home.  I had difficulty sleeping last night because they insisted on climbing all over me and needling me to pieces.  Rawr, I <3 kitties.


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After four days away from home, I am back.

Most enjoyable four days I've had in quite awhile.  Music, movies, Genesis, Super Smash Bros, Tetris, rawr.  Although my throat hurts a bit, I'm happy... and I had a wonderful time.  I'm trying to enjoy the summer as much as I can, before my summer classes start at the beginning of June.

In other news, Josh still hasn't moved out yet.  He can't find a good place at the moment, so he's saving up some money to try a month-to-month lease at a dubious-looking apartment/hotel place near here.  I'm looking forward to having my apartment to myself.  After he leaves, I'll need to decontaminate the house... do a deep-clean of everything to make it livable again.  >>;

In other news, I've been going through RO withdrawal... time to level later tonight.  Maybe I can actually get my rogue to level 94 by tomorrow.  It'd help if I had someone to slave for me, but, meyeh.  ^^


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It's annoying that you can't do magic in the Space Rift.  >>  (/end random complaint)

Tired, but too hyped to sleep.  Wishing it were morning already.

Today wasn't that bad.  I slept in much, much longer than I should've, resulting in back pain, but, meyeh, it was nice to sleep.  A trip to the Ingram Park Mall ensued, to celebrate my grades.  Window shopping and a bite to eat in the food court, ending with some DDR, although I was disappointed because Cyber Zone replaced the regular DDR machines with DDR Supernova, which doesn't have some of the classics on it.  Still, they have Healing Vision (Angelic Mix), Can't Stop Fallin' in Love (Speedy Mix), and Tsugaru.

I even made it home in time to call my parents and hear a bit about their trip to France.  Mom sounded tired; I really can't blame her.  -Sighs softly.-  She said Trav is going to start having regular appointments with an American T, in the hopes of getting a D so he can see a p-doc and start working through his SU and SI.  ><  Who knows... I just want him to be okay.  He's the only brother I have and I love him to pieces.  I'd feel miserable if I thought he got the SI thing from me.

Miraculously, I've actually managed to avoid a real fight with Josh today, which is... amazing, really.  We'll see how long that lasts.  He claims he found out some information about a place to move to, which means I might actually have the apartment to myself, soon.  I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that.  I know he needs to move out, and I want him to move out, but a part of me will miss him.

The evening was spent mostly playing RO.  I got to slave for Tid, which was awesome.  He's only two JL's away from max and it was nice keeping him company.  He, like everyone in SotA, heard about me and Wolfy, so he felt it was appropriate to inform me that he was, in fact, flirting with me during the last PvP tourny... (which I already knew).

And then Terana decided to harass me in the PvP arena, under his priest, before sending me a plethora of PMs trying to find out if I was actually still with Wolfy.  >>;  He insisted on talking to me on MSN... where he proceeded to inform me that he's always here if I want someone to talk to, or just a hug.  ><  Gah.  Chances are, as the leader of Aesir, he's just trying to find out any secrets SotA might have about upcoming WoE strategies.  Still, it was nice to see him in a less belligerent mood.

In other news, tomorrow is going to be wonderful.  And, I made a Magic: the Gathering wallpaper.  That I'm actually mostly happy with.  Mostly.


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My parents are gone for a few days, exploring France and a bit of Spain, I think.  They're coming back to their home in England on Sunday night.  I'm jealous, of course.

I've been a lot of places, though, because of the military and how often I've had to move around.  I hated it, when I was younger.  It pulled me away from friends and completely fucked up my schooling.  I went through thirteen elementary school changes alone.  My dad was deployed to Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Turkey, and Iraq.  Sometimes it really sucked.  But there are advantages... like being able to see such cool things.

I've seen: the San Jacinto Monument, The Houston Space Center, the Alamo (of course), Astro World, Fiesta Texas, Sea World (in San Antonio), the Colorado Rockies, Yellowstone National Park, the Seattle Space Needle...

The Redwood National Forest, the San Diego Zoo, Disneyland, the original Sea World, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Golden Gate Bridge...

The White House, all of the monuments in Washington DC, Gettysburg, Williamsburg, the National Archives, the Smithsonian, Arlington National Cemetery, the Liberty Bell, Chesapeake Bay...

The Bridge of the Americas, the Panama canal, the Trans-Continental Railroad, the Grand Canyon, the casinos in Las Vegas, Disney World...

Denali National Park (home of Mt. McKinnley, the highest mountain in North America), Nome (home of the Iditarod sled race), the North Pole, the Alaska Pipeline, the Seward Sea Life Center...

The Toronto Tower, Niagara Falls, the Empire State Building, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ground Zero where the Twin Towers once stood, the Florida Keys...

I've picked apples from an orchard in Washington and walked through a giant redwood tree in California.  I've been inside the Oval Office in Washington DC and stood on the field of Gettysburg.  I've touched the water in the Panama Canal and played in a waterfall on an obscure island in the tropics.   I've been to Hemmingway's house in the Florida Keys and taken a Greyhound from San Antonio to Toronto.  I've stood on the top of the Empire State Building in New York City and fed dolphins in Florida.  I've hiked a glacier in Alaska and been two feet away from a grizzly bear (I was in a car, but still... scary).

I don't know... I would never join the military but the experiences and ability to see things... that's pretty cool.  Sometimes I get restless, living in one place for so long.  I've lived in San Antonio for two years now and sometimes I just get this urge to get in a car and drive... until I find something I've never seen before.


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Word of the Day:


(As a side note, it's amazing how about six hours of sleep can make life seem a little less chaotic.)

So, grades are back.  I am very pleased with my results and wishing I had a car so I could go to Chuck E. Cheese, get tokens, and get pwned at air hockey.  Thinking about that reminds me how much I miss my family; it was always a tradition to go to C.E.C. at grade time and I'd win stuff for my little brother.  DBZ stickers, mostly, if I remember correctly.

I've also decided that I want to celebrate said grades by doing something awesome.  Unfortunately, all the awesome happens next weekend, when something not-sucky comes to the theatres.  This weekend is for staying home and playing RO.  It'd be nice to level my rogue but no one ever wants to priest for me, even when I put the exp on even-share.  'Tis teh uber sadness.  Low raters are fun, but time-consuming.

During the semester I could think of about thirty things I wanted/needed to do when classes ended and I actually had some free time, but now that I'm home with nothing to do, all the ideas have slithered out of my head.  I did actually want to make more wallpapers for peoples' desktops, but I'm lacking in interesting concepts or a specific goal.  Also, my userpic for this makes me want to sketch more.

In other news, the last few days were intense yet relaxing; a wonderful break from the constant tension and uncertainty that greets me the moment I walk through my door.  Maybe I'm running away from my problems.  Maybe I don't fucking care.  Almost three whole days of being anywhere but here was good for me... and I've decided to rummage around in my massive piles of useless stuffs to try to find my soundtrack to Final Fantasy IX.  I know I have it somewhere.  ^^


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Long day.

Paycheque cashed, a few groceries bought.  Wish I lived closer to a Wal*Mart.  ><  I'm insanely anxious waiting to find out what my final grades are.  Rawr at time.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be better than sex, which makes me teh happy.

And, in other news, my mom said that she and my dad are thinking about trying to see if I can maybe, possibly come visit them in England after my classes are over for the first part of the summer, kinda-sorta.  (You can see how up in the air this whole thing is.)  Either way, I'm excited just thinking about it.  I haven't seen my family in forever and... fucking England.  Yeah.   I'd *so* love to go to England.

English accents are *so* fucking hawt.  <3

Ahem, anyway.


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So... I've officially learned my lesson.  And now I just need to save up some money to make a t-shirt that says: Trust is for stupid people.

Thank you for stealing a year and a half of my life.


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So... finals are over.  I think I did well on both that I had on Friday, which is good, and now I'm just waiting with tense anticipation for final grades to be posted on ASAP.  >>

In other news, yeah.  o_o  Chocolate chip cookies, Final Fantasy IX, ice, music videos, wadded-up tissues, Ender's Game, spirituality, and pancakes = happiness.  Life is less confusing and more good.

Also, I am point-blank zausted.  I need to catch up on my sleep, srsly.


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w00t for picca of Xanthe looking like Falcor the Luck Dragon from The Never-ending Story.  I'm hoping for some good luck from her for my two finals tomorrow.  I have my microeconomics in the morning at 10:30 a.m. and my Mexican-American literature in the afternoon from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

I'm not expecting too much trouble, really.  I don't read the textbook for my econ class, I talk online via my laptop during the lectures, but I take notes and I meet up twice a week with one other person from the class, just to go over it.  It must be working, because I got a 78% on the first exam, an 80% on the second exam, and a 100% on the third exam, so I'm really not too concerned about the final.

The Mexican-American lit final is supposed to be short answer, eight questions with multiple parts each, one for each novel we've read in the class: A Place to Stand, Pocho, Infinite Divisions, ...And the Earth Did Not Devour Him, A Taco Testimony, Heroes and Saints & Other Plays, A Texas-Mexican Cancionero, and So Far From God (which I haven't read).  It's open book, open notes, though, so I'm not too worried.  I looked up the general gist of the plot for So Far From God, and I know the rest of the books rather well, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to answer anything from the last book by thumbing through the pages one by one.

In other news, I called my mom this morning and told her that I broke up with my boyfriend.  She listened really well, which was nice, and then told me she'd be keeping me in her thoughts and prayers, which was also nice.  The timing on this really sucks.  Breaking off a relationship that's lasted almost a year and a half... the day before two big finals... not the best thing ever.

Strangely, though, I'm not nearly as upset about this as I thought I'd be.  He noticed, and asked me why I didn't seem very concerned about the whole thing, and I pointed out that our relationship has been slowly dying for months now.  I've been quietly, constantly grieving for it every day, and now... I guess I'm just out of tears.


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